KISD Education Foundation Awards Grants

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Members of the community and KISD staff members visited 11 schools as a part of the Celebration Express, announcing that teachers in Klein were receiving grants from the Education Foundation. The 57 teachers whose grants were funded were awarded a total of $51,583. The foundation has awarded a total of $876,780 in grants over the past ten years.

Schools receiving grants this spring were Klein Forest and Klein Oak high schools; Hildebrandt, Krimmel, and Schindewolf intermediate schools; and Benfer, Frank, Kuehnle, Mittelstädt, and Nitsch elementary schools.

The Klein Oak grant was awarded to Ms. Theresa Lester, lead sponsor of the Klein Oak Mentoring Club, and her team of Ms. Martha Wolfinger, Ms. Rachel Brown, Ms. Susan Sheeren, and Ms. Francin Wilder. Also participating in the grant preparation and club sponsorship is Ms. Frances Ditta, a Klein Oak administrator.

The mentoring club is an extension of a life skills class. The funds will allow students and student mentors to accompany the members on field trips to extend classroom instruction. The funds for this grant were given to the foundation by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seber in appreciation of teachers who work with students with autism spectrum disorders.

Mittelstädt Elementary School received a grant with funds given by Team Klein, persons who work for the Klein ISD who contribute to the foundation. The winners of this grant are Paula DaNae Cole, Kasie Kline, Sherry Bowersock, Steve Baird, Lauren Jureczki, and Brandi Crouch. With VBrick technology, students will create and broadcast live video productions for use in classrooms. They will use technology tools that are currently in their classrooms in conjunction with VBrick to create live broadcasts.

Other donors were Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, LLP; First Service Credit Union; American–Lupher Land Surveyors, Inc.; InvesTex Credit Union; Campus Kids, LLC; PBK, Inc.; Price Consulting, Inc.; Houston Northwest Medical Center; and Absolute-All Sports.